Nobody wants a case of Tactical Ass.

T.A.I.N.T.™ stands for Tactical Ass & Intense Nut Technology. It was developed to get you clean in ANY situation, both foreign and domestic.

Operating is dirty.  Sweat, sand, mud, grease and grime, are sometimes hard to remove.

The T.A.I.N.T. SCRUBBA™ was designed with a rough mesh side for deep cleaning, and a soft mesh side for "sensitive" areas. Just reverse the elastic hand straps and use whichever side you prefer.

Lathers easily with our GRENADE SOAP™. Leaves you feeling fresh to fight another f*@#ing miserable day.

 Available in Ruck-brown only at this time.

 A portion of proceeds benefit United States Veterans & Law Enforcement.

5” High
4” Wide
2” Deep

Our Brand
"Square" Soap
Premium Triple Milled
Certified Palm Oil Base
Lye-Free Formula
Long Lasting
5 oz Bar
Stainless Steel Rope Incl.
Cheap Cold Process