Nobody wants a case of Tactical Ass. T.A.I.N.T.™ stands for Tactical Ass & Intense Nut Technology, and it was developed by GRENADE SOAP CO™ to get you clean in ANY situation, both foreign, and domestic. Operating is dirty.  Sweat, sand, mud, grease and grime, are sometimes hard to remove. The T.A.I.N.T. SCRUBBA™ was designed with a rough mesh side for deep cleaning, and a soft mesh side for "sensitive" areas. Just reverse the elastic hand straps and use whichever side you prefer. Lathers easily with our GRENADE SOAP CO™ - GRENADE SOAP™. Leaves you feeling fresh to fight another f*@#ing miserable day.

 Available in OD Green only at this time.

 A portion of proceeds benefit United States Veterans & Law Enforcement.

5” High
4” Wide
2” Deep

Our Brand
"Square" Soap
Premium Hot Pour Bar
Certified Palm Oil Base
Lye-Free Formula
Long Lasting
5 oz Bar
Stainless Steel Rope Incl.
Cheap Cold Process